Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Welcome to a new Term at Inspired By All the Little Things!

Hello crafty friends! 

The Inspired by All the Little Things Challenge starts again on September 9th!

Lesley here and I am delighted to welcome some new team members to Inspired by! This is a fun challenge where 4 team administrators choose one challenge per week and invite a guest of their choice to inspire you! We have three new administrators joining our team this year!! Let me introduce Darnell Knauss, Nance Leedy and Veronica Zalis!

Darnell Knauss

Darnell is joining us this year as she takes over my spot on the team. I have been so busy with baby that I cannot manage my teams like I used to do! Darnell and I have been bloggy pals for many years now and I adore her blog! She is a talented writer and crafter and I know you will love her to pieces! Thank you, Darnell for taking over for me! I am so excited to see who you invite to inspire us each month!

Nance Leedy

Nance is taking one of the admin roles here at Inspired By! Nance and I met online many years ago when I started The Paper Players. She deftly took over running that challenge for me, and I am so thankful! Nance is a talented designer and dear friend! You will love her lovely card making abilities and positive energy! Welcome, Nance!

Veronica Zalis

Veronica is taking one of the admin roles here at Inspired By! Veronica and I met online, through our blogs and many challenges! We have become fast friends as we both have baby girls! Her's is older than mine and I am quickly catching up! Veronica is a talented designer who has been designing for big companies like MFT Stamps! You will love her clean and vibrant designs! Welcome, Veronica!

I'm happy to report that the main design team have all decided to stay on with us and that our other two administrators, Tracey McNeely and myself are also staying on! Darnell has a wonderful inspiration and Guest all ready for September 9th! We hope you will join us!

We return on Saturday, September 9th! Looking forward to seeing you there!



  1. Oh how wonderful! Ladies, you are on a great team. I can't wait to start your next challenge!

  2. What a great line up - lovely to see the addition of 3 favourites to the Inspired By team!

  3. A great group of ladies. So glad to see them all on here. Looking forward to the next challenge.

  4. What a super line-up - so pleased to see you all. Looking forward to the new challenge!

  5. Congratulations and welcome to all of the talented new design team members! I can't wait to see more!
    Take Care!